With Riverbed performance management solutions, you can monitor every critical part of your application delivery chain and troubleshoot anyissues that arise ‹ before they become problems. Whether you are rolling out new applications, consolidating or virtualizing data centers, migrating to the cloud, supporting mobile device users or simply in need of troubleshooting and visibility solution, Cascade and OPNET products provide you with a holistic view of your environment.

T he platform comprises four integrated solutions: Riverbed® Steelhead®, Riverbed® Granite®, Riverbed® Stingray®, and Riverbed Performance Management™. These solutions can be flexibly delivered as appliances, software, or services. In addition, Open APIs are part of each platform component to facilitate programmability, interoperability, and intelligence across the Riverbed platform and partner ecosystem so that customers can automate the analysis and resolution of performance issues across their IT infrastructure and for their unique business needs.

Key Benefits

Manage the complete performance picture Leverage cloud, mobile, and virtual environments without compromising visibility and intelligence.

Deliver unmatched end-user experience. Understand end-user experience and productivity, shifting focus from infrastructure to applications and users.

Increase IT effectiveness and productivity. Automated expert analysis to empower your IT teams, as well as increase application availability and user productivity.

Dramatically reduce downtime. Navigate from business-level views to performance metrics to the root-cause of performance problems.

Eliminate blind spots and plan for change. Understand holistic views of your users, their application ecosystem, and the infrastructure it relies on.

Cascade and Opnet Performance Management Products

Riverbed Cascade® Profiler
offers end-to-end network monitoring, reporting, and analytics. It utilizes network flow data and complements it with packet-based performance metrics to proactively monitor and troubleshoot application and network performance.

Riverbed Cascade® Shark
provides scalable, high-performance continuous packet capture, rapid indexing, and long-term storage to ensure that packet-level information is always available for troubleshooting and granular, real-time and back-in-time analysis. It not only alerts on issues but can also help diagnose where a problem is and what’s causing it.

Riverbed Cascade® Pilot
is a robust packet analysis console that enables users to quickly analyze multi-terabyte packet recordings on remote Cascade Shark appliances, Cascade Shark® Virtual Edition, and Steelhead® WAN optimization products without having to transfer large packet captures files across the network.

Riverbed Cascade® Gateway
collects flow data (e.g., NetFlow, sFlow, J-Flow, IPFIX and other popular flow statistics) from network devices, deduplicates common information, and then forwards the data to the Cascade® Profiler console for analysis.

Cascade® Express
gives the small and medium enterprise (SME) as much network troubleshooting power as a solution for the large enterprise.

Riverbed OPNET AppSensor Xpert®
provides infrastructure (e.g., servers, network routers, and switches) device monitoring by polling data about device health, such as CPU utilization and memory utilization, and by leveraging SNMP, WMI, and IPSLA.

Riverbed OPNET Unified Communications Xpert™
allows continuous monitoring of voice and video quality so you can catch and fix problems before they ever become an issue for your customers and employees.

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