The Riverbed® WAN optimization solution can change the way businesses work by improving and accelerating application performance across the WAN while significantly reducing the amount of traffic on the network. Using WAN optimization, IT can provide LAN-like access to data and applications throughout the enterprise — anytime, anywhere. It's the only solution to span mobile workers, branch offices, data centers, and clouds, allowing a distributed workforce to collaborate in real-time. And it does all this while streamlining operations, improving visibility, and reducing the costs of IT infrastructure.

Key Benefits

Increase performance
on the WAN for TCP applications up to 100 times, and, for specific apps, 100 times or more.

Cut complexity and improve enduser experience by
consolidating files, email and application servers, and storage across branches.

Reduce risk
by enabling speedy, resilient, and secure replication and backup over the WAN (often reducing replication times from hours to minutes).

Gain visibility
and control by determining where problems exist, what is causing the problems, and how best to solve those problems.

Select the best path
for application acceleration everywhere, using deep packet inspection (DPI)-based application awareness to distinguish between business critical and recreational traffic.

Defer costly network bandwidth
upgrades by reducing bandwidth utilization up to 99%.

Comply with regulations, such as SOX, HIPAA, and PCI
by optimizing SSL traffic without compromising the end-to-end trust model.

Deliver local-quality performance to remote workers
regardless of their location.

Steelhead Product Family

Steelhead Accelerates Business Critical Applications

The chart displayed here shows how Steelhead speeds up response times 5 to 100 times faster for a wide array of protocols and applications that organizations rely upon to power their networks. This means that applications that require access to resources across a WAN can run faster, which increases productivity in the workplace, too.

Steelhead is able to optimize at both Layer 7 and Layer 4 at the application and protocol layer. Far from a point solution, this allows Riverbed to impact a broad range of projects and architectures.

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